Got A Zeiss Visupac® on an FF-450+?

No problem.  We can upgrade you to Windows 10 on a new computer and improve your image quality for fraction of the replacement cost.

zeiss visupac® upgrade to ovision™


ZK-5 or Pike Systems

Our OVision™ software can connect directly to your ZK-5 or Pike digital camera and be ready to capture in minutes.


SLR, MegaVision or Stingray

Want to improve your image quality with a new digital camera or add Auto Fluorescence and ICG?  We can do that too...


Upgrade Specifications

  • Intel i7 16GB RAM
  • Windows 10 x64
  • OVision™ Imaging Software 
  • Automatic Montage
  • Fully DICOM (OP) Compliant Interface



Enterprise Level Integration

  • Compatible with PACS/Image Management Systems, including Continuum™, FORUM®, Harmony®, iViews and more.
  • Full Featured Modality Work List Integration
  • Anonymized Export for Studies