Merge Eye Station Conversions


Merge Q5000 (MegaVision) System

The Q5000 is a professional grade camera with a full frame CCD.  Why pay extra to replace it with an entry-level SLR?  OVision™ from Ophthalmic Labs stands alone in it's ability to connect and capture directly from your existing Q5000 camera back.  We have over a decade of experience designing software for MegaVision cameras and servicing them.


Merge Jaz (Canon SLR) System

Just swap out computers with a new Windows 10 workstation and OVision™.  That's it.


AutoFL or ICG...No Problem

If your Merge system has a Topcon dual port or Zeiss Triple port adapter with a monochrome camera for Auto Fluorescence or Indocyanine Green imaging, we have a solution with OVision™.  The sharpness and clarity of our ultra-sensitive, high-resolution monochrome camera will blow you away.


Upgrade Specifications

  • Intel i7 16GB RAM
  • Windows 10 x64
  • OVision Imaging Software 
  • Automatic Montage
  • Fully DICOM (OP) Compliant Interface


Enterprise Level Integration

  • Compatible with PACS/Image Management Systems, including Continuum™, FORUM®, Harmony®, iViews and more.
  • Full Featured Modality Work List Integration
  • Anonymized Export for Studies